The Nature of God

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The Seamless Whole

God, by definition, is everything. God is the Seamless Whole. While God has no gender, God is still a paternal "force." That is why we say "God the Father" and sometimes refer to "Him." But it is important to realize that God has no gender. Do not miss the point: God has no limit. Not only does God not have a gender, but God has no size, no location and no destination. God is everything. He is the Seamless Whole.

In the beginning, which by the way is undefined, God was a singularity. God is still a singularity and everything is within Him. But there was a "time" when nothing within God was able to "realize itself." Today, we are able to find many parts of God and investigate them - space, time, stars, planets and people.

Most consider God to be "kind" and "fair," but others, particularly after a catastrophe, wonder why "God can be so cruel." But this, in fact, overlooks the simple truth of God's nature, and of our own. It is a mistake to think that tragedies in life "should" be prevented by God. In essence, it is to selfishly demand that God serve us as a people. We were not created to be served.

Our existence is a small reflection of God's Will. We are a part of Him and only a part. Realize that, in fact, we are an almost insignificantly small part. So understand the singularity and learn how best to incorporate yourself into it. There is no other way.

In God, there is no good or evil. God is everything that is. By definition, everything in God can be considered good, although there really is no distinction. Only cognitive systems within God can experience good and evil, and they are the ones who notice it. God cannot be influenced. Only people can.

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